Feb 6, 2008

Part of 5SA1 After 2 Years

In celebration of Sheng Yu's departure, and also the looming festive season, seven 5SA1 guys gathered at Queensbay's TGI Fridays on Tuesday evening. The decision for Fridays was an expensive one, but I personally appreciate the youthful atmosphere, and they did not really mind us laughing out loud, which is another plus point.
Of the seven being asked out, 3 are would-be doctors, 2 engineers, a pharmacist and an ophthalmologist. Though we generally agree upon the fact that many do not pursue the careers they entered university for, I was fascinated by how we transform fromthe bunch of paper aeroplane-throwing, mock-up essay-writing and cheekily naughty adolescents to professional and yet fun-loving adults. The Chung Ling spirit is with us all the time - perseverance, diligence, and the adventurous spirit of not abiding rules.

By chance or fate, this gathering was rather by itself. I texted all the people I can think of (at that time only 8), and the enthusiastic response overwhelmed me. 7 managed to turn up, though not without slip-ups. In fact the seven of us were seated quite closely together in class, and it was also the seven of us (plus Jieyang) who are the most boisterous.
It's amazing how time sculpts everyone into their most beautiful self, and seated together after 2 years, we still managed to talk about everything - life, studies, Chung Ling and girls.

It's also amazing to observe how the twists and turns of life made people more appreciative of what they had and in some way or another change into their better self. In life, God has its own ways and there will be times when the most brilliant or most hardworking will not be rewarded as handsomely, but what lays ahead is still unknown to everyone.
The saying 'when God closes a door, He opens a window' is true to this extent. Most Chung Ling boys I know had in some way or another found ways to achieve their dreams - the lucky ones being awarded scholarships and being abroad, or being streamed into Matriculation and end up in the most prestigious university in Malaysia; the least having to work their way in, but at the end of the day we reap benefits and rewards from all our invested labors. I believe in life and that God will never mistreat the ones who work hard and having a sincere heart.

A rough estimation produced 6 doctors from 5SA1. Chung Ling High School class of 2005 has currently more than 10 doctors to-be. On one hand it's courageous to note how Chung Ling boys strive for the great things in life, on the other you worry whether these outstanding doctors will be competing with you in future.
Nevertheless, friends are we at heart, and it's always comforting to note whatever the circumstances are, you will always have a willing ear in person or on the net, all the time. Cheers to friendship.


Benjie said...

Nice post. It's great being able to catch up with you all yesterday. Everyone there hasn't changed much and we're still able to talk like what we used to last time! LOL, anyway Happy CNY, good luck in everything.