Apr 30, 2008

Crisis Over

A temptation to celebrate wouldn't hurt after 2 grueling weeks of facts consumption and regurgitation. The entire process is rather similar in pattern - memorize everything (develop a way for it if possible, if not, there's always the cramming-everything-in seconds before question distribution). Pray the parts you invested the most time in will come out, so you can write a thesis about it; and the parts you fall asleep in class will be ignored by Prof.

Table of Crisis, finally all marked on evening of 4/28. "Useless talk report" is a summary report we have to hand up after attending a scholarly talk at school. Each student must attend at least 6 of these to graduate.
Nervousness overpowering myself, and the fact that I can't get left and right correct until recently, I did not do well in Anatomy. Wallowing in self-pity, it's about time I discover my true position in medicine. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, and I should really give it another try, another time when I did not have to study Psychology last minute.

I've been running low on detergent since the previous month. This one costs RM18.90 (to those not knowing market value, it's very expensive). I've yet to try whether the RM10 difference of chemicals and fragrances can really induce life into my clothes or make the washing machine spin happier.

Crisis over, the time is still not for slowing down or taking breaks. The choir is heading to Taipei for a competition this weekend, and we are thinking of hiding ourselves with another school's name; also this weekend is the one-day health promotion campaign for our Health Communication lesson; and my French host is about to send in their confirmation, which means I will start another a lesson called 'How To Maneuver Your Way Through A Research Exchange In France With No Knowledge of French, No Background In Laboratory Work, and No Money'.


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