Apr 26, 2008

Recalling What It Used To Be

Coming back from Anatomy Hall I tried
capturing a ray of sunlight absent weeks before.
The cold, the stress, the listless jobs
tinge my fingers blue, and walking barely a trot.
Pouring through books - the Biblical core;
palpitating every inch of what's required for.
Knowing every inch of our bare torso
but what art the soul? The humanistic core.

Sensing - a fall - that reflective compensatory act
to counter shattering, and what was built before,
not knowing the force, the might, the repulsive moment
is equally dislodging, at least for the raw, unenthusiastic heart.

Comparison is a common thought -
time being the jury. To judge things that was before
and what brought forth but more
helplessness? The world is never what it was before.

Celebrating April, the mild daughter
with wild and frenzying temperature, oppressive heat,
and tropical downpour.
Comrades help not but watch
and babble stupid thoughts, indecisive, ambivalent.
We are not a common being
but what can we be, when energy and motivation
take leaves alternatively?


Anonymous said...

time passed n tomorrow will be a new day, just forget it n be happy.