Jun 27, 2008

Tainan in Pictures

After 3 days in Taipei I headed down south to Tainan on Thursday. I'm scheduled to visit the family of our Silent Mentor on Saturday in Kaohsiung. Initially I wanted to take the Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR), as it offers a 25% discount on weekdays, but as I'm extremely short of time on the way back (Kaohsiung to Taipei on Saturday), which makes the THSR trip mandatory on the way back, I'd cut back on my excessive spendings and idle time away on the train instead.
I departed Taipei at 8.30am sharp, arriving in Tainan 4 hours later. Tainan is very much like Penang, much to my amazement, with an idyllic lifestyle, not-too-crowded streets and more or less everything within two stones' throw away.
Arriving Tainan at noon

I'd be happy to find a rather secluded beach in the outskirts of Tainan. The beachfront faces the South China Sea, directly heading towards Mainland China

A photo with my host - Dad's student or colleague (Dad has so many relations it's hard not to get confused)

Some great pictures with my Panasonic FX30

Then to the beachfront

The unpredictablility of the sun and clouds make photography exciting, and every second of beauty worth recording

And last but not least, to the readers who provided constant support and the littlest of comments...

That's two pic posts in 12 hours folks.


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