Jul 2, 2008


If you, like me, scrutinizes everything whenever you go, you'd noticed there had been two hits from Bordeaux since yesterday. Yup, I arrived yesterday at sunny Bordeaux and today is my first day in the laboratory, typing into a French keyboard with its A, W, M and the comma and full stops displaced, it is a torture not to let the fingers go according to instincts.
At the time being I'm killing 10 minutes waiting for my correspondent - or the Local Exchange Officer (LEO) to be exact. Along with a girl from Austria and two Mexicans, we're heading to the Student's Office for our Student ID.
I'd promise another round of pictures but I don't think it's appropriate to do anything beside work at the school computer (but heck, you're blogging now!).
All the French I met were friendly and warm - my tutor, my LEO as well as my housemate's family members. Expecting the arrogant French all along, I was sincerely surprised. Bordeaux is a nice little town, something like a miniature Penang with excellent tramways and beautiful scenery. Hopefully I'd be able to upload some pictures tonight, and stay tuned for more of France in the Bacteriology Lab.


Anonymous said...

hei,it seems everything go well, all the best.