Jul 5, 2008

Bordeaux 1

"It's a little between Versaillais and a small French hamlet," so my housemate says when he first met me, approximately 48 hours after I entered his house. I stormed into Bordeaux on July 1, and after the entire affair of meeting my laboratory partners and LEO is done, I slept for an uninterrupted 12 hours.
The history of Bordeaux is a mixed platter. During the 14th and 15th century it is just a poor little town not unlike any other French hamlets. The dawn of the 18th century brought fresh breath to the 'sleeping white mermaid' when wine and commerce boosted Bordeaux to a city drawing temptations from the English and Spanish. Briefly an English territory, it's not difficult to find Anglo-Saxon flair in the city.
In 1995, the mayor of Bordeaux was elected as the President of France. Within 10 years of his reign, Bordeaux metamorphosed from the dirty little town to an international city for the rich and influential - just a few blocks away we have Louis Vuitton and Hermés. And needless to say Lacoste, Galerie Lafayette and Mont Blanc

Le Grande Theater of Bordeaux

The theater by day

Something having a similar meaning to 'Statue of Liberty'. Bordeaux is an important city during WWII - one prominent figure once described 'take Bordeaux and we take Versaillais'

Fountain of 3 women in front of Place d'Burse

Place d'Burse - stock market no more, it now houses offices 

Blimey, it's not rather hard to find the English flair in Bordeaux

A market fortunate enough to be targeted by high-end commercial activities

Inside the 'triangle' - Bordeaux's luxurious shopping district is located between 3 streets forming a triangle at the city center. My apartment is on one of the trajectories of the triangle. Note the time of the clock - we have daylight up till 10pm in summer

'Great wines of Bordeaux' pays tribute to Bordeaux more than 800 chateaux and vineyards

Traveling in Bordeaux is easy with over 40km of tramways in and around the city

Macarons monsieur? Take note of the price behind the tempting sweet

Bouchées, a Bordeaux specialty - mini cakes infused with vanilla shaped like...what you see. Note the price as well

Hermés just a stone's throw away from my apartment

And Louis Vuitton on the side


Soon Khen said...


France is fucking beautiful!


annkee said...

enjoy your trip!
29,00E means....?

JYSim said...

1€ = NT$50 = MYR5.2 or so
you can do the rest yourself, heh.

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