Jul 5, 2008

Life's A Journey: KUL-CDG

So after an exciting 12-hour stopover in Kuala Lumpur, it's really time for me to step into the unknown - France here I come!
I was happily trodding into the almost-deserted KLIA when I smelled something fishy. My flight was re-timed (a more civilized way of saying 'delayed' nowadays). Instead of the original departure time of 23:25, a small 00:30 appeared on the right hand corner of the flight. Great, I thought. Somebody is waiting for me at my predetermined time in Bordeaux and the delay would mess up every single thing.  

Lewat for Paris, 00:30

As it turned out, MH20 was waiting for 30 passengers from Jakarta who was also delayed. After little hassles and lots of baby cries, boarding finally commenced at 00:20. Murphy's Law took effect soon after. By 00:45 we were still on the tarmac waiting for a couple who were too engrossed by KLIA shopping, and when they finally boarded a thunderstorm rumbles into KLIA. We sit waiting on the tarmac along with a few aircrafts waiting for the storm to harbor.

Boarding at 00:20

Very long flight, 13 hours the captain says

Guten Morgen! Flying over Germany the following morning

Cabin crew swing into full action 3 hours before landing

My all-time Malaysian favourite - Nasi Lemak

This is the interior of the so-called energy-efficient sister of the Jumbo Jet - Boeing 777, used mainly for long-haul routes by MAS

Bienvenue en France! Waiting for luggage after customs and immigration

Gare d'Montparnasse - Taking the high-speed train to Bordeaux. Note yellow machines are self-service ticket booths

Leaving behind Paris in high speed

Interior of the TGV, French high speed rail. It looks nice, but it's not very comfortabe due to the flat headrests

Ticket from Paris to Bordeaux. A normal ticket costs anything between €20 to €80. With my Europass, (not doing any commercials, heh), it costs me a negligible €3.

Coming up next: Bordeaux


Anonymous said...

heh, u ar lucky, finally managed to meet yr host family, thanks god. would like to understand yr feeling the time yr reach Paris?