Jul 19, 2008

French French

This makes 2 posts in an hour. Make sure you check out 'Bordeaux 3' as well.

The adjective 'French' may refer to the typical Frenchmen - arrogant, fashionable, dirty, no civic sense, extremely bureaucratic and 'merde, you just don't speak French do you?'
The noun 'French' refers to all French people, which comprises a high percentage of immigrants from north Africa - Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia etc. They enjoy 7 weeks of paid holidays every year, and on top of that, works only 35 hours per week. They consume more fat than Americans, yet managed to stay slim enough to be wearing all the designers clothing. Demonstration is their second most common activity, first being football.

My housemate's girlfriend Amira (Tunis immigrant) and brother Alexandre in front of a Japanese restaurant. I am holding a kebab. Speak of culture integration

With Amira on the waterfront. It was my bad hair day

In front of the ship Sagittarius docking on the riverfront

On weekdays, I always try to participate in the 10.30 coffee break

(from left) Cédric, a PhD student who likes to tease Bernard, my supervisor, who doesn't like being photographed

More people around the table during lunch. (from left) I-forgot-her-name, Emilie waving her hands shouting "that's my seat, i'm just off for the phone!", Alice just spotting I'm snapping them, and Christine, always graceful, looking at the seat-robber

My 'big boss' (quuoting Cédric) doesn't like being photographed. 'The queen' (quoting Bernard) is the seat robber in the previous picture. With Emilie giving her the seat and taking this photo for us