Jul 22, 2008

The Last Weekend In Bordeaux: Poitiers

Wanting to spend the last weekend with a slower pace, I departed for Poitiers at 11am, allocating only 6 hours for 'the cobblestone city'. Within 1.5 hours I was navigating my way through Poitiers and the charm of the city starts setting in.

Poitiers train station with its modernistic design

I will soon uncover Poitiers - another charming hill-side town rich with history but not too touristy

Dining at La Gazette, with its sumptuous brunch (recommended by Lonely Planet)

I will let the following set of pictures do their own talking and convince you the cobblestone city is not unlike something out of fantasy stories (you'd have to imagine your own prince/princess in the pictures to make it work more effectively)
Another sort-of view from the top, again

Memorial for soldiers sacrificed during the two world wars - a touching scene of an angle holding a deceased soldier's hand heading towards heaven

St-Emilion coming up soon


Frankie Gan said...

Wow, I LOVE your pictures! And the sky is so blue over there~ Take care and keep those amazing photos coming.

JYSim said...

Thanks! I look forward to your reports about US too.