Jul 3, 2008

Life's A Journey: TPE-KUL

An inspiring quote I once heard over the net: life's a journey, not a destination. Personally I see the inspiration in this quote as one has to always keep looking forwards whenever and wherever one goes. Staying stagnant is boring; and while we still have the opportunity, why not venture out of the comfort zone once in a while and seek something different?
While I would not say this is my philosophy of life, I'm glad fate scheduled me this trip on the last semester before I become a full-fledge medical student.
Check-in at Taipei Taoyuan International. A rather light flight today, so I was through in less than 10 minutes

6.20am - MAS cabin crew zooming past the scattered Terminal 1 of TPE. Note the age of TPE Terminal 1

Hearing the portions of onboard meals had been significantly reduced, I had this NT$90 croissant before boarding...

TPE Terminal 1 - one of my most frequented airports, and will stay so or a long long time I suppose

The bird flying us to Kuala Lumpur, registered 9M-MPK or 'Johor Bharu'

7.05 am - boarding commenced early at Gate B7

My boarding pass - note class: S - means heavily discounted, 'diSpoSible passenger'

Saying goodbye to Taiwan for 2 months - the ground crew actually waved us goodbye, but I'm not in time to snap it

Climbing above the west coast of Taiwan; beautiful day for flying

Reduced portions? What say you? Fish with lemon sauce and potatoes

A short hop - we departed at 7.25, 15 minutes early, and due to tail wind (wind blowing from behind the aircraft), we actually beat the clock by 45 minutes in KUL

Cabin shot of the Jumbo Jet. Note the light load

As fuel price soars these 4-engines grannies will soon become history, gradually replaced by their twin-engine daughters which are more fuel efficient and fly a tad longer

Home sweet home - I'm starting to love Kuala Lumpur International for its architecture and natural light 

However, we must acknowledge the fact that KLIA is up till now a white elephant - sandwiched between Singapore and Bangkok, both successful aviation hubs, KLIA has relatively few international airlines flying in

Taking the ERL to KL Sentral to meet my aunt and cousin

ERL interior - not worth the RM35 ticket

Ticket purchased through MAS inflight shopping, Temptations

My aunt (just her arm) and cousin driving the oh-so-Malaysian Proton Wira


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