Jul 31, 2008

The Long Way Home

Queuing for trains; queuing for immigration; queuing for airport security ("any liquidshampooperfumetoothpastewatershaversscissors in your carry-on sir?" "Sorry, come again?"); queuing for boarding; queuing for the lavatories; queuing for disembarkation; queuing for baggage reclaim; queuing for food; queuing for connecting flight.....
The 12-hour flight from Paris seems surreal when I did not sleep a wink at all, too preoccupied by the inflight movies and a crying infant just in front of me, I felt the full blast of consequences when I was walking like a zombie in KLIA.
Nevertheless, the relative relaxed atmosphere in KLIA and the people speaking a more familiar accent is comforting for me. After idling 4 hours at KLIA, it's time for me to board the flight back to Penang.
The weather this morning is not really friendly to a jet-lagged guy - hazy with little sunshine and the threat of a thunderstorm - it reminds me of the sorrow of leaving gay Paris.
Nevertheless, Penang and its familiarity soon greeted me upon exiting the airport - the bushy trees and sandy terrain, the crazy drivers, the heat and the humidity - it was as if the Jun Yi in Penang had not left at all since February. To make long stories short, it's good to be home.
Paris is roaring in pictures here soon!


lalalim said...


whoa this post is so simple and direct it makes me homesick.

Paris huh...lucky, lucky.

KN Loo said...

im in penang oso...haha...looking forward to meet u if possible!

JYSim said...

Sure sure, heh.