Aug 1, 2008

Paris 1

The 'M' as in TM (Telekom Malaysia) would pose less of a national disgrace if it was an abbreviation for 'Malawi' or 'Madagascar'. Heck, we might not know even if these countries have better broadband connections than Malaysia - since I was back Streamyx had been torturing me with its unstable connection. Right now I'm struggling to upload just a few humble pictures for my faithful readers and they keep capsizing in the midst of the process. Good job TM!
Anyway, back to my promise, here's Paris in pictures (if the pictures really got through).

Stayed at the Jules Ferry Youth Hostel during my 5 days in the city of light - fundamental place with happy people and cool facilities

The hostel is located in Republique - a relatively poor area of Paris with quite a number of immigrants

The Louvre offers free entrance to under-26s on Friday evenings. That explains the huge crowd of youngsters in the plaza. The glass pyramid was designed by American Chinese architect I.M. Pei

Under the glass pyramids - ticket booth and atrium of the world's largest museum

Halls of the Louvre - the museum spans 2000 years of French history, starting out as a fortress, it was then transformed into a palace and then an exhibition hall of Louis XVI after being refurbished into a museum by Napoleon

The craze with Lisa. The painting is actually quite small, probably not bigger than a 29-inch TV screen - yet adorned by millions and worthing more than the world

It would take you 9 months if you were to scrutinize every piece of art in the Louvre, making it one of the most avoided places by Parisians - the sheer crowd and the feeling of disappointment because you just can't help but skip through works of art on display

Jardin Tuileries on a crisp Saturday morning

Something supposed to be famous, but I just can't recall the name, located in front of the garden facing the Arc de Triomphe

Somebody enjoying the weekend in the garden

Champs-Elysees runs directly from the garden to Arc de Triomphe, packed by embassies, designers boutiques and airline offices along the way

Nike Paris with Run of the Human Race poster - looks gorgeous isn't it?

'You will return beneath triumphal arches,' Napoleon Bonaparte promised his soldiers on one of his battles. 30 years later this was commissioned, and with every French victory and world war something was added. An eternal flame burning for the memories of all unidentified soldiers for the two world wars was lighted since 1920. The body of The Unknown Soldier was buried in 1921 with an engraving 'here lies a French soldier who died for his fatherland 1914 - 1918'. Lots of history happened here, including Germany marching into France, the French and Allies victory in WWII, President Kennedy paying respect and French General Charles de Gaulle attempted assassination

Lost but not forgotten - names of sacrificed soldiers engraved

View of La Defense during sunset from top of Arc de Triomphe

Center Pompidou houses modern art from all over the globe - the museum was established by French President Pompidou in his effort to promote Paris as an art and culture capitol of Europe

Most artists of modern art and their works can be found here - Pollock is one of my favorites

A Slovak photographer commenting on photography

Balcony exhibition hall of Pompidou promises breathtaking views of Paris

Banks of River Seine is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site - so many things happened here, fiction as well as historical. Remy running away from the young chef Linguini in Ratatouille is one of many

Stay tuned for more, and happy weekend folks!