Aug 3, 2008

Paris 2

I would let the pictures do all the talking this time, shall I?

The Paris Notre Dame - Quasimodo stayed here with many church bells and gargoyles in Hugo's Notre Dame de Paris

Side door of the cathedral featuring its magnificent stained glass windows

The Eiffel tower was criticized as a 'metal asparagus' when it was built in 1899 for the World Fair. Today it was a symbol of Paris and France, just like the pyramids with Egypt and great wall with China
The tower from Place de Trocadero

As France holds the presidency for the EU this year, the tower was decorated in the EU colors and twelve stars to celebrate the event

I went to Versailles on Sunday - the heat, the crowd of tourists and the queues didn't really leave a good impression

Hall of Mirrors - royal dinners were held here; the King of France walk through here every day; the revolutionaries stormed through here in 1789 in search of the monarch and revenge

Hall of Triumph in the castle commemorating every victory of France since the 8th century

The castle, being the residency of the King of France, is elaborately decorated, the ceilings included

And of course the gardens, typically French
The garden is HUGE, and of course, filled with tourists. A dozen fountains of every design is built amidst the bushes and paths

Later in the evening, take a stroll along the Seine to see how Parisians spend their Sundays

Aside dining on a boat docked along the river, groups of students also picnic along the banks (not in picture)...
Sailors spending a short time on land singing the evening away on the Pont d'Art (Art Bridge)

Getting away from the journalistic flair once in a while and being the tourist - sorry for the shorts, it was very warm that Sunday
We tried to promote the Free Hugs movement in our school once upon a time, but without good looking people and a spontaneous crowd it's doomed to fail. Now, I wonder if it'll have a different fate if it was me being the hug guy in TCU?

Going home on the Parisian metro

Happy Monday guys! Last sequel of Paris soon!


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