Aug 8, 2008

Summer of 2008

Have just recently completed editing the video clips of my France trip. The editing part was easy because MovieMaker is quite easy to use for an amateur like me. The uploading part was painstakingly risky because of the titanic streamyx.
So I chose to upload them from a McDonald's outlet with free WiFi. Kudos to McD and all the cool stuff they come up with - including the idea that dining there is healthy, which isn't because they still have a whole array of deep-fried food.
So, here's my clip featuring Bordeaux, Toulouse, Marseille, St-Emilion and Paris. I fell for Celine Dion's 'Taking Chances' and the French national anthem 'La Marseillaise'. I bet on my reader's knowledge to know the reasons behind without having to explain word by word.

So with this entry I shall close my France 2008 adventures - guess that 'Paris 3' is not needed anymore since I'll have htis clip to rewind a thousand times when I'm 80 and looking back at my life.
For separate clips on Bordeaux and Paris, it's just another click away in my YouTube account.