Aug 11, 2008

Trivial Nothings

Trivial Nothings will feature posts that are too boring to be expanded into an entire entry - which would certainly leave the readers snoring at the end of the first paragraph. Trivial Nothings will be a showcase for daily nothings, literally, that hopefully might color some of the readers' lives through abnormal insights into the mundane life of a medical student and the stupidity around him.
So, for a start:
  • Though excess food and overeating is targeted as a global sin, food in Penang is still relatively blame-free. In Penang, just eat to your heart's content, and don't worry about a term called cholesterol on the plateful of nasi kandar - there's no such thing in Penang.
  • From 'gathering' we usually use in Form 5, we have slowly moved on to 'have a drink' recently. The reason behind - 'gathering' is no more because not more than 5 will turn up, so that don't qualify for a gathering. 'A drink' derives from all of us are of legal age to consume alcohol now, though all of us would not be able to afford it in Malaysia.
  • Mum says during one of our Sim family gatherings, to which I find less and less interesting aside the food, "when you interact with people of different thinking patterns, you just have to tune yourself into their mindsets. You cannot expect all people to have the same point of view as you," to which I find reasonable to accept. But tell me, how do you interact with people who have absolutely no plans for even tomorrow and just spend time tracking your attention when all you need for this one month of holidays is to be untroubled and undisturbed?
  • And for the record, a person is yakking away heavily Australian-accented English just beside me ("that's not reeaal heealthy", "raaelly", "waaeting")
  • My sister, currently in Form 4, is expressing interest to further her tertiary education in Taiwan, to which I find delightful since I'll have an extra excuse to bang for an apartment in one of the bigger cities of Taiwan (no city can be more rural than the east coast), which fuels my passion of graduating and leaving TCU as soon as possible (still 5 years to go ladies and gentlemen).
  • "Watching Malaysian news is like watching a drama nowadays," I said after one of the Anwar Ibrahim reports on TV. "Where got?" my sister interjected "it's more like watching a comedy."