Oct 23, 2008


It may not be disputed that 'integration' is the most powerful(-est) word in the field of knowledge, and as we have came a long way to realize, social harmony as well. Integration - to bring together; the act of bringing people of different backgrounds together. The keyword - together.
When we are forcefully fed with knowledge and information by hundreds of pages for every single subject - no prize for guessing - anatomy, histology, neuroanatomy and embryology - there are two ways to remember all of them in place - you either have a brain of Einstein's or you integrate everything together.
An example to quote would bring stares from readers of non-medical origin, so I will spare my efforts. What I wish to emphasis is that everything, though uncommon they may seem by nature, has something in common - which is good for us when it comes to exams.
I'd haven't have my exams yet (which comes in 4 'waves' for 4 consecutive weeks starting next Friday), so I couldn't tell you the outcome of my self-assumed-wise-and-yet-ordinary method of digesting lectures. You'd just have to wait and see.

Readers' grumble: I want a more meaningful post next time or we're deserting you!