Oct 26, 2008

My Life In Pictures

Nothing very interesting from yours truly recently as my life has been a constant routine of study, movies and sleeping. Here's something from the very routine life. You might fall asleep well before the end of this post.

Lectures - taken during a break - break for the teachers, catching-up for us

Class dismissed - when life really begins - studying is for your own good
A girl sitting very close to me, who likes sipping jasmine tea while studying

Work usually ends around 10pm, when I'm tired enough and felt good enough to return to the dorm...for more studying. A brief run-up for the following day's pre-test.

Sounds something like sixth form or SPM? H'm, I really missed the good old days

p/s: if you're observant enough you'd noticed most of us wear the same gray elephant skin during and after class. No, we're not ruled by the communist party, but something similar called Tzu Chi University.


Lens said...

You're in Taiwan now ?

peng said...

good luck in your exam ya
i'm also having my final exam
good luck to myself also
take care :)

JYSim said...

Heh, glad to hear from you! How are you?
Good luck to all!

peng said...

long time din hear from you also
the server very bad over here ,cannot support vista but xp can online
but now the server had improved ,can omline already :)
i'm now in UKM (KL branch)taking audiology course .....
life here not as easy and relax as i thought a university life should be ....
everyday have to study like in form 6 orelse cannot catch up ...:(very stressful

over here have both sad and happy memories ,sometimes feel happy sometimes feel unhappy ...
emotional problems hehe

i still like before loh ,not much change ,hmm...become more pretty kua haha (jk,jk)

anyway i'm waiting to go back to penang , i homesick lah

20 of NOV will back hehe
by the time , i will be free ler
then only tell you the details about my life here lah
long long stories

hard to say here
erm...last time u gave me ur address in Taiwan ,still the same ?

that's all lah
take care always n good luck in your coming exam