Nov 13, 2008

Taking My Own Sweet Time

We have tomorrow off, well, sort of, because we're required to attend a tutorial on using - a software the school bought for an undisclosed amount of money and nobody is using. It's basically a virtual dissection program designed for students too free to study, like me now. I'd spend time blogging instead of anatoming - since I'm already anatomizing more than 12 hours per week.

Changed the color scheme of Randomly JYSim to commemorate the winter season, the coming-and-predicted global depression, and the passing of the age of fun and innocence.

And finally, look what I found in my primary school's classmate's blog:

Taken during Standard 5, year 1999:

H'm, I'm still thinking of the prize for those who manage to point out where I am...


Yi Mei said...

Hehe..I can..It's obvious..between Jun Rong and Zi Xiang..^^

So what's the prize?Hehe..

How r u doing in Taiwan? Hope u r doing great =)

康宁 said...

i can too!! it's my prize??

JYSim said...

my primary school uniform?

Well, I'm going back for CNY this year, perhaps you guys would like to come out for a drink?