Nov 10, 2008

Trivial Nothings November

  • Winter was delayed for more than a month. Last Saturday when I was having a jolly good time in Taipei it rained like the end of the world and the temperature, like the stock market, dipped more than 10 degrees during the night.
  • Needless to say dozens fell sick the following day, and most of us under immense pressure and sleep cycles of owls are the prime targets. Tissue papers literally flew away by the bundles from the washrooms this morning.
  • As mentioned, I had a half-day jolly good time in Taipei enjoy being a citizen of one of the world's most advanced cities (many would disagree). Bought a new shoe and got drenched by cat-and-dog rains because I wanted to see what's in season in Nautica.
  • Deprived of entertainment, Prof. Ling for abdomen today literally electrocuted my classmate Liu for horrible pronunciation - splanchnic n. (Liu: spu-lanu-nik; actual: splanCHnic); cisterna chyli (Liu: chai-li; actual: kai-li). It was, of course, hilarious, given that most of the time we don't even get the word 'Carrefour' right.
  • So how is Carrefour pronounced? Common mistakes: care-four, care-ful, kar-for; actual: kar-foo. Remember it's a French name.
  • It's mid-term for other faculties this week. I wished we're facing our finals now. I want to end this mundane, joyless and pressure-cooker semester quickly.
  • I have a sweater-buying addiction. I have at least 4 or 5 of them and I can't seem to get my eyes off sweaters whenever I'm walking across any boutique. My favourites are navy and dark red.
  • Speaking of colors, Dad always request for me to ferry him 60 tubes of indigo watercolor whenever I go home for summer or winter. I like indigo too - it's a color between black and dark blue, with a tinge or purple and dark green. It's extremely soothing to the heart and is a feature in many of Dad's paintings.
  • And I hope I'll be composing the December and January edition of Trivial Nothings very soon - that means the semester is ending and I can go home soon, yay!
p.s.: apologies for the delayed updates for Randomly JYSim. Yours truly was either running out of inspiration or too busy to even go online.