Jan 23, 2009

Of All Festivities

This year sees a reducing on many festive greeting advertisements as the economy worsens. However, Petronas still showed up with a simplistic and yet important message - filial piety.
Directed by Yasmin Ahmad and Ng Choo Seong.

Happy Chinese New Year to all!


yasmin said...

this story was based on two things:

the actor's real own regrets about his late father, and a poem by shuntaro tanikawa.

JYSim said...

Wow, thanks for your comments Yasmin!

dearning said...

Happy Chinese New Year!! ^^

blushstar said...


I love Yasmin Ahmad's works. They are very touching. I think she did one for Singapore's independence day last year, about a girl growing up with her single father. Darn touching.

How'd you get to know Yasmin anyway?

Btw, Happy New Year to you too~