Jan 27, 2009

The Oxy New Year

With the downturn and endless recession this year seems not as extravagant as previous years. Nevertheless, in Penang and other Chinese-dominant cities in Malaysia, Chinese New Year is something you cannot miss - the heat, the endless feasting and ang pau collecting. Of course I've given up relying ang pau money as a prime source of income long ago - with the recent downturn projection is even going to be worse.

Scene of Hong Kong Int'l Airport - airports just look the same worldwide, even in Hong Kong - no hint of red at all for Chinese New Year.

Back home in Penang - the melting heat.

And our front yard - the melting heat.

My cousin having a long-distance affair over the phone. Her correspondant: Mum and Dad in New Zeland.

My babysitter's grandson...adorable

My sister in her oh-so-sixties Chinese New Year dress


jiiny said...

Hahaha.. really very sixties, she should wear it today, grandma will be very happy, XD

peng said...

your babysitter's grandson is really cute , adorable ..
happy "niu" year to you
may u have a prosperous year ahead XD