Feb 19, 2009

Full Swing

With our newest innovation to the timetable, what I thought to be a better semester compared to Anatomy and Dissection turned out to be even more demanding. I'll leave the details to some other time that doesn't require an exam on the second week of school.
Anyway, life is not a bed of roses. Here's 'One Moment in Time' by the much-missed Houston. For long we haven't seen such robust and wholesome voice.


peng said...

Recently one of my coursemate had passed away due to traffic accident on his way to KLCC. I was shocked at the time i received the message, hard to believe that .Saturday we only went out together(whole coursemates) but Sunday he ..... It just happend out of our expectation , very sad...

well what i am going to say is 人生无常 ,we should enjoy life to the fullness orelse will regret .

Sorry i do not write any relevant comment regarding your blog ,but i just want to share this news with you

so enjoy your life lah
good luck in your study :)

JYSim said...

My condolences over your loss. Heh, it's always not a problem to leave your comments here, whether it be relevant or not.
Hope you are fine and all the best!