Feb 12, 2009

Adieu Penang

It will be another 6 months (hopefully) before I return again. Of course, I am very grateful for the close proximity and relatively low airfares between Taiwan and Malaysia (for the time being). Being able to return home every semester is both a blessing as well as a gradual hopeless process - on one hand it's always just less than 6 months away from home, again; and on the other its frustrating to see very slow progress in Malaysia - that democracy and equality, even after being hailed since our forefathers' time, is not making an inch forward under the current government.

Beach Street, Penang.

I was, being the typical Malaysian and Penangnite, driving like a bullet around the island today doing last minute chores - honking at the slightest provocation, 'cutting' at every opportunity, jumping car queues, speeding past yellow lights (and even beat the red twice). Went to the money changer for Taiwanese currency and doing a last-minute praying (ever heard of that?) in Kuan Im Temple for everyone's well being and a smooth semester ahead.
It takes no effort to fall in love with the place where you grew up - the boisterous talking of the aunties, the way Hokkien Char hawkers bang their woks while dishing up your food, the crazy driving and road conditions, the abundance of public holidays and annoyance of having to replace holidays on Saturdays. As if we have insufficient reason to celebrate all the festivities, we have year-round sales: Chinese New Year sales, Valentine's day price slashes, Thaipusum bargains, we-ran-out-of-reasons-but-we-just-like-giving-sales sales.

Kuan Im Temple

Church of the Immaculate Conception just opposite Dad's place, recently being repainted; and I just love the sky this afternoon.

I will board my flight tomorrow bidding farewell to Penang and wishing my homeland all the best. I will definitely miss everything home, but I had grew accustomed to my life in medical school and Taiwan. It would be an interesting semester. I should always remind myself that my score or academic performance is not a reflection of what lies ahead in the hospital. I will keep my Malaysian qualities and strive to put my best foot forward in all endeavors just like what I promised Mdm. Lee.


sze ping said...

that is one empty non-smoky kuan im teng