Feb 9, 2009

Trivial Nothings February

  • Just in case you wondered how the ang-ku turned out, a picture had been provided below. It was a tremendous success.
  • Along with ang-ku, the enthusiastic gang also made huat-koay, bee-ko and mi-ku, all South-East Asian Chinese delicacies meant for praying as well as well-wishing during auspicious events.
  • Anyway, my sister's comments on the Malaysian political scene being dramatic and 'soap opera-ish' was realized a few days back. All I have to say is that it's a rather entertaining soap opera so to say - we have MPs crossing over and returning in less than a week, and another lady who lied straightout in front of a living room of reporters and a nation of people.
  • Next up on 'Malaysian Politics' soap opera - to see if the Sultan have to attend a high court session on breaching the constitution and robbing the People on their constitutional rights.
  • Skipping across that for a moment, Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia are set on another round of seats-giving frenzy starting tomorrow. Pity none ever involve Taipei.
  • AirAsia announced earlier that it intends to fly into Taipei before middle of this year (all Malaysian students shout yay!)
  • But AirAsia had been more or less like our government before this - London got postponed by more than a year, Sydney was canceled, as well as Macau from Kota Kinabalu and Kuching - all in less than a year of operation. Let's just keep watching the next episode of 'Malaysia and All Its Silliness'.
  • By the way I'm not in any way happy due to the fact AirAsia will be (fingers crossed) flying in, but I'm more delighted to see MAS slashing prices like what it did to current AirAsia-operated destinations once the red devil seeps in.
  • I'm sorry Trivial Nothings turned out again to another post much to do with aviation - I just couldn't resist.
  • And finally, I should be getting my Taiwanese driving licence during the summer! Thanks to YaoQun, also from Penang, who taught me the 'easy way' converting my Malaysian licence to a Taiwanese one.


康宁 said...

there is!!
i saw in today's newspapaer tat MAS flight to taipei cost only RM6xx.

now im seriouly considering a holiday in taiwan after my semester!

JYSim said...

RM650 is not really cheap yet. Heh, I'm waiting for it to fall as low as RM350 as in Hong Kong (AK flies to Hong Kong in direct competition with MAS).
I'll welcome your visit anytime!

康宁 said...

izzit? haha..then i wait RM400 first n see..XD