Mar 3, 2009

The Final Journey

Our silent mentors were cremated last Saturday, followed by a rather lengthy memorial service attended by the largest crowd ever in school history. Needless to say it was very touching, extremely tear-provoking and poisonously inspiring. The following two video clips (from Da Ai News Television, of course, no one is interested in a humble memorial service that day, everybody is busy reporting the economic crisis and Obama) are just 2-minute illustrations of the entire day, but I think it portrays our spirit of appreciation to our silent mentors nicely enough.

Cremation last rites

Memorial service


pebg said...

My condolences over your loss too
What is her death cause?

peng said...

sry typing error ,the name should be peng *

Xiaoqun said...

Hi Jun Yi,
This is Xiaoqun from Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore Branch). I work for the Translation Department and is currently compiling an article about the topic of Silent Mentors for our next magazine. I found your blog by chance and I think your entries are very interesting. I wonder if I could adapt them for the article I'm working on?
Please let me know by my email: / MSN: / Skype: xiaoqun_singapore. I look forward to your favorable reply. Many thanks!