Mar 10, 2009

Trivial Nothings March

Here comes:
  • From BBC Headlines "Worst crisis since 1930s says Fed" directly above "Malaysia acts to bolster economy". It seems that the global depression never gets too overexposed on the media - which is a good thing since it reminds us not to overspend and keep more cash at hand - but on the other hand how effective are these reports when we only get to see them before bedtime?
  • A gratitude feast for all teachers of the Anatomy Department this Friday. I expected it to be of less effort and more sincerity, but again I was proven naive and too implicit. Preparations stretched the entire weekend with some sacrificing sleep hours to complete just the invitation card. I found out this afternoon, however, that there are still naive and implicit people like me around, and quite a number of them.
  • Medicine is a highly competitive field, not just because it's the most sought-after profession, but also because these professionals are highly intelligent - both in memory and strategy. Add on an ounce too much of sensitivity and you get hurt feelings and misunderstandings.
  • Enough about masterminding - my download, 97MB, has been ongoing for 2 hours, and now stuck at 73%. And it's bedtime now. The lesson learned - never download anything more than 50MB in the evening - where EVERYBODY goes online and spread viruses that consumes bandwidth.
  • More on school - more integrated program (IPs) in the future, with plans of replacing all professors with something called PBL (problem-based learning; a better synonym for 'self study').
  • A miraculous plan isn't it? Sack professors to cut costs, going all 'self study' so that evaluation committees will love us, breed doctors more adept at talking than working - patients love doctors who are 'warm, informative, and friendly', and increase medical accidents to boost the economy by channeling cash from the wealthy to the poor. Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the Nobel Economic Prize this year!
  • Read in Newsweek - "a few years ago it seems cool to be on facebook. Now with over (don't remember the figure) of users, it seems cool to be not on facebook." I'm cool!


peng said...

actually facebook and friendster are almost the same
but joining facebook more useful and meaningful than friendster
don't be cool lah ,join lah :)