Jun 6, 2009

Trivial Nothings June

A little delay again, as always.
  • Caught a glimpse of Windows 7 during a boring lesson on Wednesday. It's a lot less fancy than Vista but it kept its elegance, minus the busybody nature.
  • I'm still clinging on to my XP, and thinks it's a great thing to run on.
  • Graduation day today. I'm there to send off two seniors, one whom was very active and influential in school during my freshman year. I planned to hug, shake hands and congratulate him like he's getting married. However the send off was delayed by 30 minutes and when the doors finally opened we were hot and hungry.
  • So we just threw him his bouquet and took 3 pictures. And left him to his gang of girlfriends.
  • Finals in 1 week. Ever felt so hopeless during the final week of the semester? When a 3-month holiday is just 8 days away but a end-of-the-world exam is just before it. What logic is this? Can't we at least have an open-book test or other forms of less joyless evaluation method?
  • And I can imagine how summer will be this year, when the entire world is complaining of economic meltdown, some signs of rebound is already visible - fuel prices up, poultry up.
  • Miss France so much. Pity I'm only going to Sabah and Jakarta this year.
  • But hey hey, if I'd manage Paris, London, and New York on a yearly basis, I wouldn't be stuck in this Zimbabwean-managed school on a scholarship.
  • Saw the new feature on the left of your screen? Well, that's Twitter, but it doesn't look nice on blogspot, because it's primarily designed for Myspace and Facebook users.
  • It's quite fun to write something within 140 characters - h'm, train myself not to be so redundant.
  • Well, till then, wish me luck for the next 2 weeks and happy holidays to those already on.


己为 said...

Good luck and all the best,doc!

hun hao said...

good luck and all the best, my fren! enjoy the rest of your 3 months hols too!

Anonymous said...

erm...why is the twitter on the right of my screen?

JYSim said...

Oops, it is on your right so it's in my left.
Wahahaha. Sorry for the mistake. Not really a genius at directions since primary school.