Jul 20, 2009

Kota Kinabalu - Port and Tourism City

Kota Kinabalu is stretched along the waterfront. From atop there's a hint of Hong Kong, albeit without the neck-craning highrises and dense population

There's an 'old town' and a 'new town'. It's not hard to spot the separation.

The K.K. Waterfront holds many exciting discoveries.

Magnificent views of the opposite shore (refugee asylum for Filipinos) and clear seawaters reminiscent of the Mediterranean. Da Ai television crew with an onlooker asking if they'd like a ride on his fishing boat.

Fishing in the Sea of Tranquility, anyone?

K.K. from another view. It was actually a clear day, but thanks to MAS' age-old aircrafts - scratched windows, the image turned out like this.

At KLIA. This bird was supposed to bring us back to Penang, but due to 'technical errors' we were transferred to another bird, with a one-hour delay. Seen behind one of MAS' 777 - despite being a little more than a decade old, these birds are the newest in MAS' fleet.

This concludes my Sabah trip for 2 weeks this summer. Look forward for more updates on Penang and spending the summer with friends and family soon!