Jul 17, 2009

Summer In Sabah Part 2

Visit to a coffee factory - learned a lesson or two on latte art.

From the observation hill atop Tenom. It's actually a small town on the convergence of two rivers - Padas and Pagalan river.

One of the schools we were working in - SJK(C) Yuk Hwa

Yuk Hwa's school building and us in elephant skin.

On another day we visited a palm oil mill with the Lion's Club. "Everything from the palm oil fruit brings money," the manager says, "down to the last fiber."

Cooking oil - we were skeptical about the pisang goreng served in the canteen later.

Later in the evening our dean, Dr. Hsu, joined us. Seen here teaching us to diagnose strabismus with a little light bulb. "3 seconds is all it takes."

Teaching table manners in SJK(C) Tsi Sin. Purple and yellow make good contrasts.

A brilliant sunset - I'd sacrifice their portraits for the view.

Compromise - a sarong with the school's blouse. Looks something between a kebaya and the Japanese kimono. Yves St. Laurent would gawk at this but I'd say it's a nice match and a wonderful performance later.

Coming up next...Kota Kinabalu and The Way Home!