Jul 13, 2009

Summer In Sabah Part 1

We were based in Tenom, Sabah. Over the course of 2 weeks we hopped frequently to Keningau and once to Kampung Rundum.

A view of Keningau, a larger sister city 45 minutes away from Tenom.

We enjoyed brilliant weather throughout our stay, except perhaps some rain everyday.

Then to Kampung Rundum with the Lion's. From the photo one would think it's something out of The Hobbit from Tolkien. Living conditions were poor - two toilets for the whole kampung, no electricity, no running water.

And getting there is no easy feat. Road conditions of every imaginable scenario most of the way.

This is our Isuzu 4x4 after 5 hours of dirt and grime.

A total of 40 4x4s along the way.

For Taiwanese ladies taking pictures are the utmost importance. For a blogger like me, the task is equally important as well.

Of course, performing my medical duties comes not far after.

On another better day we visited the Sabah Agricultural Park. Fascinating place.

Taking pictures, again...


Kee Wai said...

The 3rd last photo,you looked a bit...hrm...exhausted or tired or hungry..or just because of the wheather?

Chooi Peng said...

Hey ,welcome back to Malaysia oh XD
Really long long time din c you ler,hope everything is fine :p