Jul 15, 2009

Trivial Nothings July

  • My flight back from Kota Kinabalu was delayed, 30 minutes ex-KK to KL and an hour from KL to Penang. I was frustrated definitely, but hey, this is Malaysia, as I've mentioned to my Taiwanese friends since their arrival.
  • Both flights were full to the brim, however. With little seats to spare. Economic downturn? I'd say it's recovering already.
  • Anyway, on the way back to Penang was served by this gorgeous looking crew - nice hair, nice teeth and an infectious smile. Just can't stop looking at him whenever he passed down the aisle. When it's time for peanuts, he just hands us one tiny packet. Hey! What's this?
  • On the Bahasa Malaysia for Science and Mathematics issue - "No, our students are not practising Michael Jackson's Moonwalk, they're merely moving backwards."
  • An editor of Sin Chew Daily described it being a scenario of asking for a pinch of salt on a bland soup, and the chef 'accidentally' let loose the whole packet.
  • Imagine the money involved in all the translation and reference books reprint! As if that's not enough to feed our MP's cars and bungalows, hiring teachers from abroad?
  • On a more personal note. I'd just finish editing all my team's daily journals. It's difficult to work on a 800x600 screen, but Mum insists I keep the setting because she can't read anything smaller than font 14 on a screen - rabun tua.
  • While jogging a few days back, I'd suspect I had cataract - how come everything is blurry and whitish?
  • It turned out to be the haze.