Aug 23, 2009

Let's Take ACTION - Part 2

The next day after a morning of tiring lectures we head to the microbiology department of Universitas Indonesia (UI). A very interesting mycobacteria-staining workshop (acid-fast stain).

Well, we are young adults of Asia, the pillar of development and growth for the next century or so...

The burden of responsibility is already overwhelming, needless to say all the fatigue from traveling and late-night parties...

City tour comes next, here's Jakarta's most famous Welcome Monument, featuring two peasant children extending a warm embrace to incoming cars.

Shopping malls in Jakarta is no less addictive than those in KL. Here's a musical fountain in Grande Indonesia which sings every hour, quality is on par with that in Sentosa Island, Singapore.

Then all the ornamentation in the mall is just so suitable for group photos.

Turns out to be a New York subway replica...

When in a group of nice people, do what the nice people says...

Even photo shooting is addictive. Back to the fountain an hour later.

A brief and obstructed view of Jakarta's skyline from Grande Indonesia.

Next day...visit to Cipto Mangukusumo General Hospital, the largest and only one of UI's teaching hospitals.

Very nice building with undiscernible European style architecture, all decorated for Aug 17 - Indonesia's Independence Day.

When you have spare time in your hands, it's time for group photos, again!

Anywhere, anytime. Even along the busy streets.

Then fatigue sets in and thank God for the traffic in Jakarta - where locals call traffic jams 'mancet'. A 2km journey may well take over 30 minutes...and here's time to catch up on sleep.

If that's insufficient, don't be shy while waiting for honored professors and doctors to arrive for briefing.

Stay tuned for Parts 3 and 4 (with the current progress I doubt I can complete the reporting in 4 parts).