Aug 25, 2009

Let's Take ACTION - Part 3

Visit to Persahabatan Hospital, UI's teaching hospital for respiratory medicine.

The lady director was very enthusiastic and warm - spent the entire 2 hours with us, and always ready to answer all our questions.

Then back to Cipto Mangukusumo General Hospital's Paediatrics department.

We had a very interesting Chef du Clinic session with all the clerks and interns in the hospital. I was very much impressed with their performance and quality of presentation - all in fluent English.

We were alloted 1 hour to visit the wards, here's my very good friend from National Taiwan University and the only delegate from Philippines - Hanni.

On another tiring day we had Laboratory Biosafety - a strong sedative for most of us including me.

But as soon as the city tour fun begins pouring in from every delegate.

We stopped at Bank Mandiri building - a century old building for dinner, before beginning...

Jelajah Kota Tua (Toea) Jakarta

Exploring Bank Mandiri building first, it's an amazing piece of architecture by itself - Venetian tiles, Scottish pillars and English marble tabletops. Charles taking a picture of 'The Great Book'.

Remember a time when going to a bank is something for the rich and affluent only - personalized services, exclusive waiting rooms and friendly bankers...(not like what we have at Maybank these days).

The management wing of Bank Mandiri.

Just beside Bank Mandiri, night at the Museum Bank Negara Indonesia (imagine the ancient bank notes flying around for you to catch?)

Group photo everyone!

Kali Besar, a river with historical significance to Jakarta, but very polluted today - all the trade, commerce and immigrants came in from here.

Toko Merah (Red House) is a historical testament to Chinese settlement and influence amidst Dutch rule in Indonesia.

The Batavia Hotel is one high class hotel in Kota Tua.

Chicken Market Bridge or later Jambatan Kota Intan shows influence from Amsterdam. The last drawbridge built in 1655

My knowledge of Bahasa Melayu is a lot of help, especially when the local committee are talking gossip or discussing 'surprises'.

Athena in the courtyard of the Stadhuis Batavia - God of knowledge and strategy, but somehow she's holding the symbol of medicine in her left hand.

A giant Portugese Cannon with the symbol of male genitals within the courtyard as well. The cannon bears the Latin inscription 'EX ME IPSA RENATA SUM' (out of myself I was reborn). The cannon shows the symbol of mano in fica, a symbol of cohabitation and fertility. So, beware for women who touches the cannon without childbearing intention.