Aug 28, 2009

Let's Take ACTION - Part 4

On the second last day, we had a HIV/AIDS workshop. We watched a 20-minute documentary about Indonesian women with HIV/AIDS, and later found ourselves talking to 2 HIV-positive individuals and a doctor working with them. It was a first time experience for many of us.

The evening mood swank to a positive one as all of us dressed up for our farewell party and cultural show.

Well, I bought my white cotton Chinese shirt for just NT$360 (RM36). I wonder how much those yukata costs.

Indonesian cultural show - plate dance.

The trouble of being tall, lanky and handsome is that many people would queue up to take a photo with you. Since I have no bodyguards around me like those of Daniel Wu or Leehom Wang, I'd just have to comply...

Thailand's Miss Lita

Indonesia's Miss Dian

And Indonesia's Mr. Bambang

And Taiwan's Mike and Charles

Filling up the lengthy evaluation form on the final day, before our final itinerary - city tour.

Spare some time also for best wishes to your new friends all across Asia.

National Museum. The bronze elephant is a gift from King Chulalongkorn from Thailand.

Statues, deities and ornamentations from all 17,000 island of the Indonesian archipelago.

Couldn't resist any free time not taking group photos.

National Monument - or MONAS.

On top of the platform for the towering torch. The view is magnificent.

National pride - Garuda is Indonesia's national bird. It traces back to ancient Hinduism and found its way into Indonesia's national airline as well. Beneath it, Bhinneka Tunggal Ika - Unity in Diversity.

Before Taiwanese delegates depart for their flight, we took a chance to experience Indonesia's grassroots - taking a bajai, the rickety-rackety tricycle motorbike plying the congested roads of Jakarta.

Finally, goodbye to Taiwanese delegates!

Last but not least - experience Jakarta with the locals, in the next update.