Sep 20, 2009

Trivial Nothings September

I nearly forgot the existance of this column dedicated to everyday trivial stuff that will bore everyone to death. The memory of it was wiped out for almost two weeks until I ran dry of inspiration to blog - always happen during start of school. So here it goes:
  • Funniest joke of this semester, and will stay for long:
    During PE (Physical Examination, not Physical Ed. mind you!) lesson on history taking, the stern-looking teacher was lecturing on avoiding subjective questions i.e. "Did you sleep well?" "Do you eat a normal diet? " - because the patient's definition of such words may differ from our perception. So, can anybody give us an example on asking the sleeping conditions of the patient? (teacher points to Standardized Patient sitting beside)
    Class fell quiet...
    P raises hand, asks aloofly "do you vomit blood every morning?"
  • As a fourth year medical student we all know that waking up early is beneficial in every aspect - better time management, more in tune with our internal biological clock, and more restful at night. So, a second year junior and me formed this breakfast-hunting gang - we'd collect information on where to breakfast as a reward of waking up earlier, say, 7am.
  • Our first outing was quite a success, despite the morning showers afterwards. But we had some really nice Chinese fried buns and gyoza (jiaozi). Medical research shows that a filling breakfast reduces excess food intake during rest of the day, and in consequence aids in losing weight.
  • I was thinking of promoting this gang and applying for national funding - early awakening for a healthy Taiwan - something to this extent. Maybe this would also be my road to work in the MOH and earn big money (with bribes?).
  • However, on our second outing today, I gradually find it a torment to wake up at 6.30am, on a Sunday. My bed with the maroon down duvet is just so tempting I spent 20 minutes parting it. By the time I'm at the lobby Steven had completed his review on Biochemistry and staring at me with anger befitting for Hitler.
  • Turns out the food was just mediocre, and both of us were actually yearning for more sleep. I even had leftovers (friends close to me will know I can't stand to see leftovers).
  • So after that we headed back to our respective rooms and slept till 9.
  • My facebook and twitter friends would notice I am slowly becoming one of their most regular updaters. Am I addicted? Well, no. I can still live without an internet connection and study for hours straight without touching a computer.
  • But haven't you heard? Drug addicts, glue addicts, sex addicts, they all have one common sign - they never admit they're addicted.
  • And I can't stand the intermittent connection at school! Argh! This is crazy! The download bar is forever at 16%! I'm going nuts without the internet!