Sep 16, 2009

Positive Thinking

I promised myself to shield the feeling of helplessness and disappointment towards school - that means positive thinking when the staff lost my application form or misplaced my money or could not figure out what's wrong with the computer (they didn't turn it on). I was doing fine until I bumped into Ah Yi, the alumni staff dealing with co-curricular affairs. We were close friends during my tenure as president in the choir. He was very understanding for a counselor and motivative as a student staff.
Ah Yi told me he was leaving, very soon. He was fed up with the school administration not respecting opinions of smaller staff and students. He emphasized that as an alumni he expected more respect and recognition because he speaks out for students, too. However, "higher" school administration never listens. "Experimenting, that's what they're doing to students, every single year. They whip up something good, thank God; the plan turned suicidal, well, we'll modify it next year, and sorry for your wasted year."
Of course my views of the school is not as aggresive and radical, but seeing Ah Yi had been working for the school upon his graduation, from this school itself, I'm beginning to see how bad administration and poor decision-making can drive anyone crazy. Once highlighted by a prominent medical education expert in Taiwan, who had the pleasure of spending a few years in our school - "the major problem with TCU is the people with power and who makes decisions are not selected by their abilities." Of course that report only circulated among students and the school staff is still living underneath their happy lotus leaf.
I was telling my friends lately - we should calculate the amount of electricity spent by NOT installing air conditioning in dorm rooms (TCU claims air conditioning contributes to greenhouse gases, quite true 15 years ago. With current technology, air-cons are green and conserves electricity). Take our room for example - during the peak of summer we turn on 6 fans - 2 ceiling fans, 3 standing fans and an exhaust fan (imagine the noise! It really feels like an aircraft with all the buzzing). With an air-con, we'd probably won't have to turn on any. The amount of electricity consumed by 6 fans is definitely more than an air-con.
But no! These people are stuck and lost in their own retarded world. They install air-conditioners in their own offices and claims summer in Hualien is very mild and pleasant and you should enjoy the fresh air! They even claim drinking coffee harms the planet - too much carbon footprint. They couldn't and wouldn't recognize the difference between local coffee, fairtrade coffee and coffee sourced unethically - only the last is bad for the environment, actually.
Too much anger and complaints is bad for myself. and I've been reminded again and again that we should be thankful for even the littlest things in school - the malfunctioning LCD projector, the classrooms designed to be saunas. So I guess I should be thinking positively and keep all my 'biased views' to myself. Things will change for the better, they'll learn, we'll live to see a respected TCU.
Maybe after the system collapses.


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sorry, i accidentally bump into your blog. Just a small reminder, 6 fans electricity definitely less than one air cond...

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