Oct 31, 2009

Trivial Nothings October

Just realize we almost skipped October, so here's one to catch up on the last day of this month:
  • Question of October: Where did all my time went?
  • Topic of the month: teachers, all types of teachers, classified by examples below -
  • Old is gold? We had this veteran parasitologist from National Yang Ming University. Arriving with his 20-year old slides as the room is dimmed (and getting warmer due to closed windows), he starts telegraphing his entire life of knowledge upon us - "...Paragonimus, para means a pair...Japanese...(indistinct murmurs)...cannot kill off immediately...cannot observe under microscope...(rumblings)". At the end of the day, I knew Paragonimus westermani is a worm living in the lung and lots of indistinct murmurs.
  • Doctors make good teachers? Not necessarily - being good-looking or charismatic adds to the attention span, but different specialty contributes more - surgeons have some neurotic features on stage, "if the patient isn't keen on surgery you can photo it with your phone and show it to him - see how large your hemorrhoid is?"; internists are boring and tied down by trivial details "the heart will beat 'lub-bA-dub, lub-bA-dub' instead of 'lub-dub lub-dub' or the usual beats found in children 'lub-dub-dub lub-dub-dub'..."
  • Gynecologists are charismatic - or else they wouldn't convince women to strip in front of them; while neurologists and dermatologists are so smart they expect you to make a diagnosis with just one look at the patient - "ok, I'm going to show his picture, just 10 seconds ya?"
  • While clinical lessons are fun during the semester it's not when it comes to exams.
  • And a university library who takes 3 weekends off in one month isn't going to help - 2 weekends off for public holidays, and this week - for refurbishing the main door.
  • I would really like to blog more, trust me. But time just seem to fall through my hands.
  • Maybe next week...