Nov 3, 2009

A Reminder of Life's Short

Many have read about the sad story of the Batu Berangkai waterfall accident, 31st of October, where 3 young students were drowned. When we see such news we'd usually just shrug it off - another tragic accident, young ruthless people, another 3 bright lives wasted.
But for me, one of the victims is someone I knew. James Khor Wan Kai is my junior back in Chung Ling High School, and from my very vague memories 4 years ago he was a prefect, one year my junior and very athletic and energetic.
I am very sensitive on the issue of death. To me, death signifies an end in all means - while some may argue death is a door to another realm, to me it's the end of everything solid and concrete. My life is packed full to the minute and I never really put much thought in a sudden end on everything.
So, what if things do end suddenly, like for James? Did he realized the weekend would be his last (and hopefully a happy one too)? If indeed another realm exists and thoughts were preserved thereafter would he regret leaving so soon? These questions I keep on challenging myself, and it was so very saddening to me when I woke up this morning and found out the 'RIP James Khor' messages on Facebook had also included a short clip made by his UTAR classmates.
There James appeared confident, happy, and steadfast - the qualities that 5 years of Chung Ling education just won't miss. He is alive, maybe just yesterday, chatting, photo-shooting and doing everything a normal university student does.
And now memories about him might probably be just among his friends and the youtube clip. I barely had memories about this boy until this morning, my first exposure to the clip.
Once again James' passing had reminded us that man is frail in the hands of God. And we should never live a day of regret. May James Khor be at peace now and forever, and may my readers learn that life's measured by breadth - the things we do and the qualities we possess; and not by length.


Chen Yi said...

like this post of yrs. a mirror image of what's in my thoughts. :)