Nov 7, 2009

My Very First

Stethoscope arrived two weeks ago, though we haven't had the opportunity to use it yet, here's just to show off:

The box, nothing very special, probably recycled paper. 3M's box look better, but smaller. How big is the box?

It's wide enough to fit a CD, a complimentary reflex hammer and a pen light, also complimentary.

The complete set - a user manual, a name tag, different earpieces, exchangeable diaphragms, and the caviar itself - Harvey Elite Stethoscope with latex-free tubing and dual-lumen tube.

3 exchangeable earpieces, a metal diaphragm and a plastic diaphragm.

My color of choice - navy blue.

The bell and the diaphragm, with complimentary name engraving. I chose my initials 'J.Y.Sim' instead of my Chinese name, thinking it might see useful when I work in Harvard one day (daydreaming).


Anonymous said...

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己为 said...

Fuiyoh...this is nice...

yiu said...

i think you can make it to Harvard! your day dream will come true. Go!!!

Anonymous said...

you engraved your name on your stethoscope.. reli cool =]

tiger said...