Feb 12, 2010

Penang: Food

All those having to stay overseas this year be warned: the following posts will worsen your homesickness you'd die to come home.

Roti canai at the mamak stall just opposite my house. This is roti kosong or the plain version.

Thosai, made from rice flour, is typically an Indian dish.

Roasted duck rice, tapau (to take away, hence the wax paper).

Chee Cheong Fan, Malaysian style, served with shrimp sauce, sweet sauce and sambal (chili sauce).

Char Koay Teow - fried rice noodles, one of the trademarks of Penang gastronomy.

Beef koay teow, Malaysian style, in clear stock.

Crispy fried fish with hokkien char (noodles and vermicelli cooked in soy sauce).

Dim Sum for breakfast with Grandma, which Mum insists Grandma loves. But our family is neither Cantonese nor comes from Hong Kong.

Ais kacang - shaved ice with red beans, corn, a dozen of yadda-yadda, topped with caramel ice cream.

Hokkien Mee or Penang Har Mee - noodles (my favorite: Maggie instant noodles) in shrimp stock, usually served spicy with a dash of garlic paste.

Happy New Year to all! Wish you guys were here but if you're not, too bad.


康宁 said...

yup...too bad i cant meet u..
and those food...omg!! how i wish i can teleport...

JYSim said...

You will hate me more during the upcoming days. More to come...

ziyi said...

this post is an absolute seduction

yiu said...

happy eating!!!
happy new year!!!!XP