Feb 15, 2010

Penang: Places

The swimming pool at USM, where I lost my T-shirt and have to drive home topless.

USM calls themselves 'the university in a garden'. The campus is naturally scenic with plenty of greens, and promises many sights if one visits during dawn or dusk.

Another of Penang's little delights are all the little markets tucked away in the old colonial part of Georgetown. Pictured here Campbell Street market on a Sunday two weeks before Chinese New Year.

English teacher asks "what is the noun for 'a person who sells fish'?"

Spice hawker. I'm never a fan of such things but you need them for your nasi lemak sambal and curries.

As mentioned previously, shopping and eating are two activities Malaysians enjoy regardless of color or creed.

English teacher asks "any noun for 'a person who sells everything related to soy beans'?" None that I can think of - perhaps bean curd / taugeh (bean sprouts) seller?

Another fishmonger, indoors.

Penang's rustic charm takes some time getting used to, and falling in love with.

Spend an evening at Lorong Baru (New Lane) to enjoy all the delicacies Penang is famous for. Penangnites go to New Lane; only foreigners go to the very hyped Gurney Drive.

Upon entering Chowrasta Market, one would be greeted by the skillful spring roll skin maker. His act is a sight to behold.

The very busy Chowrasta Market on the last weekend before Chinese New Year.

Of course, school gatherings and friends reunion is one of the highlights of any holiday season.


康宁 said...

as a reply to the comment in previous post..yup i hate u more..LOL..

(jz jk..) but i really miss penang and everything there..

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