Jun 29, 2010

My Worst Fear

It's balloons. But recently after some profound thoughts I found out it's being common.
I am a firm believer that everyone is special, and I try to treat everyone without prejudice. I know we could go on arguing the definition of 'common' forever, but for today's sake let's just allow common to be "anything everyday, leaving no significant traces nor impact". No offense to those for living 'common'. However, there are so many others who come and go in our lives we barely take note of them. My worst fear is to become common to others.
This dates back to my high school years. Back then I knew I wanted a job with more than everyday challenges - my worst fear is to get trapped in mundane everyday life and retire to a life of...what? Back then it occured to me that medicine would fit the job description nicely. As a Sagittarius I yearn adventures and uncertainties in life, and I wish to make an impact in others too. I hope to be the best in what I do or not at all. This has sort of been my philosophy through the years.
I wish I can live up to my philosophy. Pray to God that I do.

And sorry for this very late post.


Blossom Cherrie said...

hey jun yi! im gonna link u ! =D

Tham said...

You will SIMLA! Jia You!