Jul 7, 2010

Little Children in Faraway Places

This post is long overdue. Our last Miharasi outing was back in early June, but since then studies got out of hand and this post got delayed and delayed. And now I'm in the midst of preparing my Medical Licensing Exam and juggling with Medcamp, when nothing interesting is really going on right now, this just has to be here for the time being.
For first-timers, Miharasi is a rural social service program organized and ran solely by TCU medical students. We visit JianQing Primary School, situated one hour from town in a sleepy hillside village called JianQing (見晴), which is ironic because the village rains a lot and cloudy the most of the day.

Usually an outing means waking up at 6 and no afternoon nap.

"Sim Jun Yi!" "Present!"

Children are an acquired taste. Some just despise children, while some were born with a natural flare for them. For those who don't, there's always the "facebook" for them to refer.

Old timers were of course very much loved by the little devils.

What are children but people who don't bother to mask their feelings and mood?


How many of us still remember to wash our hands before every meal?

After that it's usually some classroom activities centered around a theme - like arts and craft, gender education, occupations, dreams and aspirations, or filial piety.

I really admire the tireless effort some poured in at Miharasi, like Roommate no. 1 (not her, mind you).

At the end of the day it's the children that's most important for them.

And to think that what they do or think will influence us now or in future is heartwarming. Children are like sheets of white canvas, paint them well and they'll have a bright future.


Anonymous said...

Roomate No.1 here!!
Thank u for supporoting me this year.

Miharasi Rocks!!!

Anonymous said...

You know ur blue uniform looks so much like PCGHS Pj t-shirts....