Jul 17, 2010

What's Keeping You?

From blogging...
Apart from the lack of inspiration associated with studying for exams, again - this time the Taiwanese Medical Licensing Exam, I spent 2 weeks playing around in MedCamp. You may have heard of it, it's an annual 7-day camp held for high school students nationwide. Most come here for the fun - a ball, games, and everything insane, but I'm in Curriculum - planning lectures and learning programs for all 140+ of them.

Sharing a light moment during one of the various long daytime lessons.

Curriculum and all its members.

2 weeks left to my Board Exam. Step 1, which I'm taking this time round, consists of all basic medical sciences. Will have to score at least 120 out of 200 MCQs to qualify for Step 2, which I will take upon my graduation from medical school.
At first glance it seems not too difficult to pass - and statistically our school had the highest passing rate nationwide, hovering around 90 to 100% passes. However, when I attempted the past-year questions I can only say it's a matter of luck, mood, and whether or not you have enough hard drive up here [points head].
So now I'm trying to cram everything inside with all sort of silly tactics - abbreviations, stories, and "the big picture".
Please accept my apologies for neglecting this very important past time of mine at the moment and probably for the next 2 weeks ahead. Will be back with more interesting summer feeds after July.
Pray for me and wish us luck!


yiu said...

Aiyo u will remember everything & sure pass punya lah!

JYSim said...

Thanks for wishes! Enjoy your time in...Romania?
Can't remember where you're going really, so bad of me.