Oct 3, 2011

If Tomorrow Be Afterlife

In my previous post, I mentioned I sang to my SICU patient, who subsequently passed after I left. This was the song I found on Youtube. Roughly translated it means "If Tomorrow Be Afterlife" performed by the choir of National Taiwan University.
I will provide a rough translation of the lyrics for non-Chinese readers:
Life passes between breaths 
With the end in sight, are your expectations fulfilled? 
Our mortal body exhausts itself day by day 
When time is up, is your heart back at home? 
Scenes after scenes of unfamiliarity;
What exactly are we seeking? How do we rejoin a broken string of pearls? 
How do we sing a fallen song? 
If tomorrow be afterlife, how would you spend today? [repeat] 
I defend life with every warmth I possess, like the waves leaving behind traces
I guard well-being with intelligence, may the wheel (of life) be brightened
Much as I hope to strengthen his will to survive, the last two stanza serves as a reminder for me, as part of a medical team, to "defend life with every warmth I possess" and "guard well-being with intelligence." With God's will let us be.