Jan 20, 2012

Major Traffic Congestion

It is part of Malaysia, just like the snail-paced internet speed, crazy traffic signage, and selfish drivers. There will always be major road congestions during the festive seasons, and this year it's no exception. As such, I scheduled all my appointments to be 2 days before or after Chinese New Year, and cancel those anticipated to be held under the baking sun with standstill traffic everywhere. It's a great excuse to avoid seeing awkward old friends and going on an unnecessary shopping spree. I'm sorry but everywhere is so congested.
But if we look at the root of the problem, a 5 kilometer crawl is usually caused by a single vehicle or crazy traffic light. For the past week I observed:

  • An auntie waiting for her roadside hawker in her car, completely aloof to 5 kilometers of congestion behind
  • Uncle taukeh switching lanes every 4 seconds on the expressway, completely aloof to heavy vehicles that would crush his Benz with a failed brake or a moment's lapse of attention
  • Parking idiots with half their SUV jutting out from the indicated space, and 5 kilometers of congestion behind trying to avoid his 50,000 dollars bumper
  • Young intern late to a meeting, double parking onto my car in a dead-end street
  • Parents of a very prominent school (ahem! PCGHS, ahem!) triple parking waiting for their princesses to be dismissed from school
And not forgetting parking idiots occupying 2 spaces with their tiny car, an example below:

It's the festive season and we're all trying to stay sane and afloat with the new clothes and excessive eating. So please do your part by driving and parking responsibly. Remember, you don't want to be showered with bad karma and nagging on the first day of Chinese New Year!