Jan 23, 2012

New Year Yuan

I'm not a resolution person. Firstly I am dead afraid of criticisms upon failing my resolutions; and secondly they almost always fail to materialize, as observed by the following clip from Wong Fu Productions.
However this year, I need a few of God's helping hands in some of my personal pursuits. In Buddhism we make a wish (or bargain) with Buddha called yuan. In return, we promise to do something good like converting vegan for a month or memorizing a certain sutra by heart. It's like striking a deal with God whereby He grants you something good and you reciprocate with something similar. It is quite common among Buddhists and Hindus. Thaipusam is a festival where Hindus make offerings in return to God's goodness for the past year.
First of all, as we'd be starting our intern year come June, I hope to land myself in a rotation that allows me to return home for Chinese New Year celebrations. As many overseas students would agree, being absent from home during Chinese New Year is a sad burden to bear. I understand that my role in future requires me to dedicate duty over friends and family, but seeing my future of reunions bleak, I sincerely hope we'd be able to get together more often, at least for next year.
As such, I made a yuan. I promised to memorize the Heart Sutra if I manage to get my desired rotation. It is important not to hold any grudges against God in case your yuan does not materialize because Buddhism regards its best disciples to have no worldly desires or pursuits. In short, a devout Buddhist does not have to make any yuan because he feels comfortable being in any situation or environment. Making yuans are for needy, shortcut-seeking, half-hearted Buddhists like me.
Secondly, my closest friends will notice I was plagued by some irritatingly stubborn acne that won't go away no matter what I tried. The good thing is the worse of the acne is over now and I am managing it with sufficient sleep, a healthy diet, tea tree oil, and Chinese medications from my all-encompassing sinseh.
So my second yuan with Buddha yesterday is that I would be a vegan on Mondays in exchange for a clear, healthy complexion.
We'll see during the following year if my yuans are to be come true.
Finally, Happy Chinese New Year and may this year bring health, wealth, and happiness to all!