Jun 27, 2012

Boston Revisited

I had been to Boston last year: read here and here. And since time is really short this time round, I told my host I didn't have any expectations for visits and that they should just utilize me for housework and laundry, and spare me one day for the conference.
They were nice enough to empty an afternoon for some sightseeing.
Things didn't start off too well. We were delayed by an hour departing from Tokyo Narita International Airport. Culprit: "paperwork" according to captain of American Airlines flight 154.

AA flight 154 operating Tokyo Narita-Chicaho O'Hare-Boston Logan

The delay resulted in us Boston passengers missing our connection. We were rebooked on a much later flight, which I managed to standby onto an earlier one. My baggage, however, couldn't make it and were sent to me only the following morning.

Boston Public Library

And her beautiful courtyard 

MIT and me wearing pyjamas (my baggage didn't come until 10 in the morning)

The following day on the way to the conference I passed by the entrance of Boston Children's Hospital - one of the best children's hospital in the States if not the world.

It must be every (aspiring) pediatrician's dream to be working in here, including me

I will save the conference itself for another post. 

Fast forward to leaving Boston. This is Japan Airlines flight 007 operating Boston Logan to Tokyo Narita. The Boeing 787 is fresh from the factory and a very impressive machine to fly in, despite it still being a pressurized metal (and carbon fiber) tube.

Coming up next: the 200th anniversary conference Dialogues in Medicine