Jun 20, 2012

There and Back Again

Considering I'm not "there" yet, "back again" is not totally appropriate at the moment. Barely 3 weeks after starting my intern year, I'm taking a week off, traveling halfway around the world, and incurred debt before my first salary.
Life as an intern is more demanding than the placid medical student we got really used to. However we're not on full force yet as Ob/Gyn rotation is not yet the magnum opus. More about intern life next time.
I am about to board the first of a series of flights to Boston, a city I've been to last year. A few days ago I learned that the NEJM would stream Dialogues in Medicine, the conference I'm there for, live. This made my debt-incurring journey sounds silly. However, since the ticket is non-refundable and everything else is arranged, I might as well splurge and enjoy the cramped seats and iPhone-sized meals.
There are currently two typhoons hovering around Taiwan and Japan. Fortunately my flights have not been affected, as yet.
Will keep you guys updated on Boston as soon as I'm available. Meanwhile pray for a mild typhoon landing over Taiwan, a smooth journey ahead, and enough battery to last the 16-hour flight.


Anonymous said...

Have a safe flight and all the best to you for the coming days!