Feb 19, 2013

Till the Next Chinese New Year in Penang

Feeling really grateful for being able to spend almost 3 weeks back in Penang this Chinese New Year, which is up to 3 times longer than most of my classmates' break. I did it with a lot of lobbying and under the table tactics that I would not share with you in broad daylight *mischievous evil laugh*.
Anyway, it might be a very long time till the next CNY back in Penang given that I will start my PGY year in August and continue with peds residency after that.
After 7 continuous years of spending CNY in Penang while in medical school I shall welcome something fresh next year. Whether it will be a lonely meal in Taiwan or doing calls in a chaotic festive hospital, I shall cherish happy moments from an easier time. After all, this is part of the professionalism required from us, and I hope to rise to the challenge.

Come to think of it all festive season is about friends and family. It is all about spending time with them and showing how we care. In other words one doesn't need any festive season to visit or talk to a relative if you truly care for them.
This year is special because lots of high school friends are back awaiting government posting while my cousin's wedding dinner was held during CNY week. Needless to say it was a crazy week for all of us. I am only glad it was all over now but was more than happy to had spent quality time with my uncles and aunts, schoolmates, and parents.
The past few months had been rather confusing for me. Indeed I mentioned I needed time to think about my future this holiday. I am glad all that is (roughly) sorted out now with help from lots of beloved family and friends. I will save that for future posts if the opportunity arises.
The next 3 months in surgery will certainly be tough but it is the last quarter till graduation. Thereafter I will have a 2-month study break which I will spend half of the time in Penang, again. It will be a new journey from then on and with mixed feelings I look forward to it.